Monday, December 8, 2014

Howdy Y'all! 
I'm being transferred!
I can't believe my time is up here in Collins Hill. It seems like I just got here yesterday! these next three days are going to be crazy! well next two anyways. I have been packing and trying to clean up the apartment! Sister Arbon is also moving out and switching apartments with the other sisters because she is becoming an STL. She's going to do awesome! I am goin...... can any one guess?? I am going to KENNESAW!! haha I am so excited! I met an Elder in the MTC who is from there and I have heard all good things about there. My new Companion is Sister Garver!! haha so she's not technically a new companion. but I am still way excited!! woot! its going to be a party, I can't believe we are serving together again.
Update on Drew: Drew did not get baptized this Saturday. it made us super sad but it was for a good reason. His finger was swollen and all purple and he said he hit it on his headboard but it looked like a bite. Drew's dad took him to the hospital, the hospital looked at it and immediately sent him to the ER, then later that night he was admitted into the Hospital this was all on Wednesday. Drew's dad was sending us updates. So the next day we went and visted him and sang him songs and talked to him about what happened. when we showed up his hand was all wrapped up and was the size of a boxing glove (the wrap around his hand anyways.) it was sad! then he told us he was about to have another procedure. They were draining all the stuff out of his hand! it was soo gross! but hey! he needed! They think it was a spider bite. the sickness/whatever it was spread though out his body, so every at noon they have to put a Transfusion? in him. a nurse comes over and does it. so please pray for him. he still wants to be baptized and can't wait until he can! I am sad I will be gone!
Tristan Got the priesthood this sunday! it was soo cool. He asked us to come in the room but sister arbon didn't want to so I didn't get to go but it sound like it was amazing! he also got his first calling as ward missionary! he's going to do awesome I just know it!
Jimmy and Heather are still doing awesome!! we just love going over there, they got us a Christmas tree on sunday so we can decorate it! it was loads of fun! they got a real live Christmas tree! which is so cool, im pretty sure I have never had one of those! plus it was lots of fun decorating it, im in the Christmas mood. haha sometimes. I was sad when we had to leave though, I hate goodbyes and they are seriously my favorite family so I don't want to leave them. I know I will keep in touch with them forever though!
Rae, oh Rae! I am going to miss her so much! she is the sweetest lady! we are happy someone is staying in the area because no one visits her except the missionaries and the J dubs. haha she is too nice to tell the Jehovah's witnesses that she was baptized into the Mormon church, she loves their company and so she won't send the away.
I sadly can't send pictures this week because I forgot my converter and we aren't at the library! normally the library just has a card reader but these computers don't. :( so I will send tons next week!!
I love you all! pray for me with transfers that everything will go well!! its going to be a crazy week!
Sister Hanks

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